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Planning a Rwanda  Gorilla safari? Discover and explore Rwanda; the land of a thousand hills with Friendly Gorillas Safaris.
From the mountain gorilla safaris that can be undertaken in Volcanoes national park, Golden monkey trekking to the less known cultural and historical sites, Rwanda is filled with immense attractions. A lot is just waiting to be discovered on your next trip.

Well referred to as the land of a thousand hills and as of late, a million smiles, Rwanda is without a doubt an extraordinary safari destination in Africa. Its small size makes it shorter and less tiring to visit it which thusly makes safaris in Rwanda a lot less expensive and easier to embrace.

Through our luxury, standard and budget Rwanda safaris and tours, we enable you to discover this unexceptional country with stunning fortunes. Our Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris give travelers exceptional opportunities to discover and explore Volcanoes National Park (PNV) for mountain gorilla trekking experiences.

We additionally offer Rwanda safaris that given you explicit opportunities to explore the rich forests of Nyungwe which is a remarkable chimpanzee tracking and primate encounter destination.

Need to visit the Akagera National park for extraordinary Rwanda wildlife safaris? We are right here at your service.

Our well-polished approach, flexibility, and experience will be effortlessly noticed from the minute you inquire, all through your whole safari till your flight back to your country of residence.

During your Rwanda gorilla tour, some of the spots you will visit while on your safari may include; the the genocide site, Gisenyi trails, Lake Kivu, Akagera National Park, the Virunga Mountains, Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda gorilla trekking safari destination), Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, Caplaki Crafts Village in addition to a few more charming sites.

Book a Rwanda tour with us and discover these peaceful and adorable inhabitants of Rwanda.

Top Rwanda Gorilla Safari Packages


4 Days Gorilla Safari Adventure
This 4 days gorilla safari to Rwanda gives you ultimate opportunity to go trekking gorillas twice in the Volcanoes national park viewing distinctive Gorilla families or back to the same family for the second gorilla trek.

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1 day gorilla safari in Rwanda
Nevertheless, we have successfully made this one-day gorilla excursion a reality. Briefing begins ` at 7.30am to 8.30am and vehicles begin transporting gorilla trackers to several gorilla trek starting points.

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3 days Rwanda gorilla safari tour
The 3 day gorilla safari in Rwanda includes a tour to the Karisoke Tomb of the famous Primatologist & scientist who sacrificed her life to save the Mountain Gorillas – DR Dian Fossey (R.I.P)

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2 day gorilla safari tour in Rwanda
A 2 Days Rwanda gorilla safari to Volcanoes national park is the best option for tours to Rwanda with less time in the country, yet they are interested in gorilla trekking.

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3 days Uganda gorilla tour

Featured Rwanda Gorilla Safaris Deals

Why do a Rwanda Gorilla safari?

Rwanda is a small country and therfore, easy to navigate through and also the high number of magnificent wildlife and other attractions make Rwanda an easy to browse country.

From the endangered mountain gorillas, to the African big five game, to the Rwanda genocide site among other fascinating destinations a safari in Rwanda can be pretty remarkable.

Kigali, Rwanda’s capital is rated Africa’s cleanest city and therefore a Kigali City tour is one you should not miss whenever in Rwanda. For those that enjoy mountaineering experiences, Rwanda has a variety of mountains to look over.

6 Days Kigali city tour with Gorilla, Chimpanzee

An amazing Rwanda safari package that takes you to explore the primates like chimpanzee, golden monkey & the endangered mountain gorillas.

10 Days Best of Rwanda Safari

This 10 Days Best of Rwanda safari is crafted to give you the best of Rwanda in 10 days. Explore the magnificent gorillas of Rwanda, the wildlife and enjoy a Kigali city

8 Days Rwanda Gorilla, Culture and Wildlife Safari

A day gorilla tour normally starts from Kigali at 5.00am with a 2 to 3 hours drive to Volcanoes National Park headquarters in Ruhengeri (Musanze).

10 Days Uganda and Rwanda Combined

Uganda Rwanda gorilla safari enables you to meet East Africa’s primates, birds, culture and wildlife. Undertake endangered mountain gorilla safari in Volcanoes NP and Bwindi Forest

Uganda safari, Wildlife tour in Uganda
5 days Uganda gorilla tour

Rwanda Gorilla Tracking – All you need to know

Rwanda is a small, lank-locked East African country covering roughly 26,340 sq. km. It has five conspicuous volcanoes and 23 lakes and also a few rivers.

In ancient occasions as much as 33% of Rwanda was secured with montane rainforest. Today the main huge tract of woodland left in Rwanda is Nyungwe in the south-western part of the nation; it covers around 1000 square kilometres. A few areas of thick forest are likewise found in the Volcanoes National Park in the upper east, yet a large portion of the common vegetation here is bamboo woods and open hill.

The eastern part of Rwanda has extraordinary vegetation, a blend of savannah and field stunned by acacia trees. Normal temperatures are between 24 – 27 degrees with dry season from August – September.

Official languages; Kinyarwanda, French, English and Kiswahili

Currency; Rwanda Franc Approximately 600 Rwandan Franc = 1US Dollar (as at February 2020)

Rwanda confidently became an extra-ordinary gorilla safari destination in 2017 when they increased their gorilla permit fees to cost $1500 each.

The gorilla trek in Rwanda is a lot simpler contrasted with other different gorilla trekking destinations like in Uganda.

Rwanda gorillas are the easiest to find and Rwanda gorilla safari destinations are the easiest to access from Kigali city, you just need 2 hours to get to Volcanoes National Park by road.

This is 7 hours lesser than the 9-hour drive from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park while on Uganda gorilla safaris. In the event that you can spend that much on permits, we suggest you undertake gorilla trekking from here.

For your Wildlife safaris, Akagera National Park is among the few safari parks in Africa with the big five game. It is an incredible place for wildlife sight seeing experiences.

Your favored safari activities will decide the type of Rwanda safari packages you will certainly book. If you’re interested in meeting mountain gorillas, your Rwanda safari can keep going for as short as two days.

The short distance in the country makes it easy to have gorilla trekking safaris with a lot of ease.

The more safari activities you put together, the more extended your Rwanda safari holiday will be. To have remarkable experiences, we advise you pick a package that has great offers.

Comfort is everything with regards to wildlife or gorilla safaris in Rwanda. In case you have a problem in choosing the best Rwanda safari package, we are always available to help. Contact us today!

The months of June to September or December to February are the best time to do Rwanda tours especially if you need to have the best experience.

These are clearly the driest months of the year and best months for wildlife sightseeing. You will get the opportunity to see wildlife in huge groups as they wander around the distinct Rwanda safari parks and furthermore undertake a hustle-free mountain gorilla trekking in ‘National de Volcans’ also known as Volcanoes National Park.

Its’ important to notice that Rwanda is an all year safari destination and you can visit anytime of the year. In the event that it rains, the climate can generally return to ordinary and the day proceeds.

However, the most recommended time for Rwanda safari occasions are the ones referenced above though all months are equally great and unique in their own ways. For clarification on how to plan your Rwanda Gorilla safari, feel free to contact Friendly Gorillas Safaris today.

Whenever planning a Rwanda gorilla safari, one common question is –“What is the best time for Rwanda gorilla trekking?” While gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda can be done all through the year, the months of June, July, August, and early September, December up to February are the most appropriate.

It’s important to know that Rwanda gorilla permits to visit gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and Bwindi National Park is at USD 1500 and USD700 per individual respectively and during high season, Rwanda gorilla permits tend to sell out, so the earlier you book the better.

Your favored safari exercises will decide the type of Rwanda safari packages you will certainly book. If you’re interested in meeting mountain gorillas, your Rwanda safari can keep going for as short as two days. The short distance in the country makes it easy to have gorilla trekking safaris with a lot of ease.

The more safari activities you put together, the more extended your Rwanda safari holiday will be. To have remarkable experiences, we advise you pick a package that has great offers. Comfort is everything with regards to safaris. In case you have a problem in choosing the best Rwanda safari package, we are always available to help. Contact us today!

Enjoy affordable guided Gorilla tours and safaris in Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo with Friendly Gorilla tours, the Best Gorilla trekking and Wildlife tour operator in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. We can arrange remarkable budget Rwanda gorilla trekking adventures with ease. Choose from some of our well crafted Rwanda safari packages or combined Rwanda Uganda safari packages or simply contact us for a fully customized Rwanda gorilla safari packages.

Regardless of whether you are of interest is gorilla trekking, discovering Rwanda with one of the other East African countries especially Uganda is a decision that can make your visit an incredible one. Contact us and let’s tailor your safari to match your specific needs, expectations and budget.

At Friendly Gorilla Adventure tours, our interest is about extraordinary encounters. We plan, your Rwanda gorilla trekking experience with extra attention.

We are one-stop search for all Rwanda gorilla trekking tours, Rwanda wildlife safaris, Bird watching tours in Rwanda, with the best rates.

Our interest in arranging extraordinary luxury & budget Rwanda wildlife tours and primate safaris especially chimpanzee, golden monkeys, tree climbing lions and gorilla trekking tours; and cultural safaris can be best experienced when you use us.

Since Rwanda gorilla permits tend to sell out especially during high season, you are encouraged to Book Rwanda gorilla trekking permits no less than three months before you Rwanda safari schedule.

For details and any necessary assistance, contact Friendly Gorillas Safaris today!

A gorilla trekking permit gives you one hour with mountain gorillas in the distinctive gorilla trekking destinations in Rwanda.

Included are; park entrance fees, National Park guides/officers fees. Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda with Friendly Gorillas Safaris, your tours will be an experience of a life time.

All guests who are not qualified for the free multi day visas into Rwanda or ready to get their visa upon landing without earlier application are required to finish a “section office application” on the Rwandan travel official site –

Fill in your Names, international ID number, entry date and port of landing – and submit it over the web. It is sensible for customers to process this application early enough to give enough time for the application to be acknowledged.

It’s recommended that customers to print out a duplicate of their accommodation if their duplicate isn’t at the visa counter when they arrive.

It is YOUR obligation to make sure that your international ID is still valid for at least a half yea. It is recommended that you check your status before visas requirement with your specialist or Wild Frontiers – they change all the time, and a portion of these states international safe havens will INSIST you get one before traveling, while they might be directly accessible on entry – government offices may need payments for this.

The Rwanda gorilla trekking tour is no different from Uganda Gorilla trekking. The involvement can take from 2-8 hours depending on how long it takes to find the allocated gorilla family. This majorly depend on the last know location of the allocated gorilla family.

In order to do golden monkey or gorilla trekking in Rwanda, the minimum age requirement is 15 years.

For trekking chimpanzees in Rwanda, the minimum age 12 years of age and kids 10 years and more established are permitted to trek golden monkeys in Rwanda as long as they are accompanied by adults.

To prepare for your Rwanda gorilla tour, we recommend you carry the following; long sleeved shirts or pullovers, long socks to, cultivate gloves, a cap, sun glasses, climbing boots, creepy crawly anti-agents and some packed food.

Contact Friendly Gorillas Safaris for detailed Rwanda gorilla tour packing list.

Rwanda Wildlife Tours: (National Parks and other safari attractions in Rwanda)

Friendly Gorillas Safaris arranges Rwanda Gorilla tours and exceedingly remarkable Rwanda wildlife safaris.  We have the most experienced and expert guides to take you as you enjoy your Rwanda Wildlife tours, Bird watching safaris, Primates, chimpanzee and Cultural tours in Rwanda. Some of the amazing safari destinations you are likely to visit include the following;

Nyungwe National Park:

Nyungwe National Park is the biggest un-touched natural rainforest in East or Central Africa and a standout amongst all; covering 1,000 square kilometres and located in the southern part of Rwanda. A remarkably rich point of botanical decent variety, Nyungwe national park has over 200 unique types of trees; more than 100 types of beautiful orchids and a heap of other blooming plants including the local goliath lobelia.

Nyungwe is an awesomely known for habiting primates including; the man’s closest relative the chimpanzee, and also the beautiful L’Hoest’s monkey and hundred-in number troops of steadily gymnastic Angola Columbus not forgetting over 250 types of birds.

Akagera National Park:

Akagera is one of Africa’s aged national parks, found in Northern part of the country, the park was first gazetted in 1934, to keep animals and vegetation in three ecoregions: the savannah, mountain and swamp. This stunning park is famous for the Kagera River which flows along its eastern boundary into numerous lakes the largest of which is Lake Ihema. The complex system of lakes and linking papyrus swamps totals to over 1/3 of the park and is the largest protected wetland in central Africa covering about 1,120km² (from the original 2,500 km²).

Much of the grassland area of the park was established in the late 1990s by former refugees returning after the end of the Rwandan Civil War. Due to land shortages, in 1997 the western boundary was gazetted and much of the land assigned as farms to returning refugees. Although much of the best savannah grazing land is now outside the park boundaries, what remains of Akagera is some of the most distinct and charming landscape in Africa.

Akagera Parks is an expansive and uncrowded, an excellent place to experience during your Rwanda safari. It is a place you should not miss especially if you need to experience the grassland environment and a broad range of wildlife.

Volcanoes National Park – “Parc National de Volcans”:

Volcanoes National Park for Rwanda Gorilla Adventure Safari is a magnificent memorable and involving destination where culture, adventure and conservation meet.

The “Parc National de Volcans” (or PNV as it’s known by locals) lies along the Virunga Mountains, with 8 olden volcanoes, which are shared by Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Just a short two-hour drive from Rwanda’s capital of Kigali, the park is a central location for incredible discovering some unique Rwanda experiences.

The park’s most fascinating Safari activity is gorilla trekking, the dramatic landscape of the park gives it’s guests a thrilling hiking and visits to the attractive mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.

Parc National de Volcans is also one of Rwanda’s conservation epicentres, where many non-profit organizations base their operations. Visitors can pay tribute to the legendary scientist and gorilla advocate Dian Fossey with a hike to her tomb or a visit to the Dian Fosse Gorilla Fund that continues her legacy of research and advocacy to this day.

Near the park, the bustling and vibrant markets of Musanze are a place to immerse yourself into everyday Rwandan culture. Go deep into the earth with Musanze’s caves – one of the area’s newest attractions.

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