Virunga Mountains – the mountain Gorilla Sanctuary Rwanda Safari

Virunga Mountains - the mountain Gorilla Sanctuary Rwanda Safari

Virunga Mountains – the mountain Gorilla Sanctuary Rwanda Safari

The mountain Gorilla Sanctuary in Rwanda, the Virunga Mountains

One of the best ways to see a magnificent mountain gorilla in its natural habit is to go on a Virunga Mountains Safari in Rwanda.

These giant great apes can be found in only three countries which are; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Seeing gorillas in a zoo or wildlife park is no match for the thrill of Gorilla trekking in the mountainous Bwindi impenetrable forest or the Virunga Ranges.

The ugly truth about Mountain Gorillas - Uganda Rwanda safarisThe most popular place to go on a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda is the  Virunga Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Just because you are heading to a rugged natural environment, doesn’t mean there isn’t any comfort or luxury.

You will most likely stay in the Virunga Lodge, which is one of the safari lodges found near the Virunga Mountains.

In this Lodges, you will find luxury en-suite tents that have two queen-sized beds and an amazing bathtub that features stunning views of the forest.

After you have settled into your lodge and prepared yourself, you will be taken by a guide into the forest to look for the gorillas.

The gorillas you’ll find in the park have undergone a delicate process that makes them used to humans, a process that many of the Safari guides have been part of.

Once your group locates the gorillas you will be allowed about an hour with them. You will want to keep your memories from the trip of a lifetime forever, therefore it is a good idea for you to take photography equipment.

While the use of cameras with flashlights is prohibited will with Gorillas, you will be able to take photos at a safe distance away from the Gorillas.

So make sure you take along enough batteries, film or memory cards. Sun filters can help to block the glare when taking your pictures and good hard-wearing camera bags are recommended.

Tracking gorillas on a safari holiday is a physically challenging activity so you should ensure you are at a reasonable fitness level to enjoy the safari properly.

Other species you can expect to see on your safari include forest elephants, giant hogs, blue and red-tailed monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, butterflies, and antelopes.

After the gorilla safari, you can visit the local communities to see how the locals spend there lives.

There are plenty of great walks to take and plenty of bird watching due to there being over 300 different species of birds living in the area.

In conclusion, your Rwanda Gorilla Safari is high of value to both you and the host nation, as part of the money you pay for a Gorilla permit goes in the conservation of gorillas in the wild.

Trekking the gorillas is a fun activity to do, and being in the presence of one is a thrilling experience.

So, if you are to have the most memorable and fun gorilla trekking safari, you need to consider a reliable safari tour operator in Africa. Friendly Gorilla Safaris can help make your Safari smooth.

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